The following are articles written by COVVC member/COVVC North Technical Advisor Bruce Amacker to help us care properly for our classic VW's.  These articles have also been included in past issues of Zündfolge, our monthly newsletter, but the information is so well-presented that we felt they should be available as separate downloads.  More articles will be added as they become available.  We hope you find these valuable resources helpful in keeping your classic VW on the road!

Please note it may take a few moments for some of these articles to download completely.

 Protecting Your Electrical System

 Does My Car Have Voltage Drop?

 Oil Analysis

 Timing is Everything (Part 1)

 Timing is Everything (Part 2)

 Fuel Atomization and Carb Heat (Part 1)

 Fuel Atomization and Carb Heat (Part 2)

These and additional technical articles may also be downloaded in their entirety from our COVVC Forum Technical Articles topic.  Many thanks to Bruce for sharing these with us!

Factory Information

To obtain the factory data on your VW, follow this link to the Volkswagen AutoMuseum.



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